Hello! I wrote and illustrated this ABC book for my three year old daughter and our soon to arrive new baby girl in hopes to help them to learn their alphabet while at the same time giving them a keepsake full of dads weird drawings. Every parent wants to do something special that will last for their children, and for me being an artist and illustrator this book seemed like a natural thing to make. I put lots of love into it, so from our family to yours please enjoy all the weird monsters, skulls, hobos, snails and all the other stuff…

There’s a link below the video if you’d like to snag a copy for yourself as well!


Soooooo stoked. I got lucky and was featured for a two page canvas spread in thrasher magazine. Seriously, most awesome-est thing ever.


Salty Doodlers

I’ve been working nonstop trying to finish building the studio, so most of the stuff i’ve had a chance to work on is quick doodles and drawings. Fun stuff though. Here’s a couple…



Hey there! So as you can see, I have a brand new shiny mega official web site full of messes, adventure, squiggles and magic. I’m glad you stopped by to have yourself a gander. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for posting stuff lately, things have been mega hectic, but I  think I’m almost all back on track. I’m currently finishing totally revamping a mega crusty old garage at our house and turning it into a full on art studio thanks to the help of my super hero friend Teve.  My other amazing friend Ryan Parrish has been helping me put this website together, over a few late nights and plenty of beers, so thank you for that homie, I still owe you bigtime. I’ve had my hands full with plenty of projects but I’ve been in full hibernation mode for a while trying to take care of business. Everything is coming together now and many good things are in the works, so take a poke about the site & check back often  as i will be updating it regularly and gradually snazzing it up a bit with bells and whistles, working out the bugs  and even adding  shop section as well.
-Fucking stoked on life & everything is groovy.

experiments in trash. part 1

In salt lake we have “trash pick up days” where neighborhoods take turns putting all their trash out in big piles in the street full of anything and everything. i get a lot of materials to use from these piles, canvases, paint and all sorts of other awesome stuff… last week i snagged an epic 1972 schwinn speedster bike in perfect working condition with all the original stuff on it. i’ve started an experiment of taking something home, painting  it, and then putting it back. it’s pretty fun, this one was on a busy road and got taken by someone else in less than an hour of putting it back. glad somebody was stoked on it. if stars align i’d love hear where this ended up. so keep your eyes on the trash piles kids, you might come up on a new painting.


turtle dove taco party

hey there! I painted a few cruiser decks and took them down to blindside sugarhouse. they are made for epic gnar slashing or decorative wall clutter, it’s your call… but either way, get down there quick and snag one for 60 bucks- and grab some trucks and wheels from mo while you’re at it to set up your new ultra snazzy wiggle stick – if you’re into such things…

happy father’s day!

Happy dad’s day everyone. after i painted that other cruiser for my friend, i figured it was time to set one up for myself as well. i decorated a new zip zagger and it’s ready for some thrahing. hopefully i can get out to put a few scratches on it today.

Club radd!!!

looks like the cult is growing! my homie colby got this monster one a lil’ while ago, i’ve been trying to snag a picture of this for a bit. man, i’m sooo super stoked that friends have got these… this puts the club up to 6 now. seriously, so ridiculously awesome.

Party Forever

Over the last handful of years, my friend andy and i have painted our friend ashleys’ mini ramp that takes up her whole garage in many, many layers of decorative nonsense. she recently commissioned me to do a big painting for the inside of her house and i thought it would be a cool theme to take all of the years worth of ramp painting and put all the characters and ideas together into one giant, colorful, nearly seizure inducing mess of whimsical ridiculousness. i’m pretty stoked on how it turned out, and here’s some pics of it. 48 in. X 48 in. one shot, spray paint, latex and marker on custom built wood canvas.



snazzy stick bro!

it’s gonna be getting warm real quick-like around here, and you’ll probably need a fresh stick! if you live in utah roll over to blindside in salt lake and grab one of the boards i just did for them. it’ll prolly make you do mega rad kick turns and slashers!!!!! dudes, the ladies will swoon!!!, and if you’re a lady, it’s likely to impress the menfolk.

Gnome Village

Hand painted sign I did for a rad family in St. Paul Minnesota. One shot paint on found wood. 1 ft.X 1 ft. They also hooked me up with some found photos, old skate memorabilia, and an epic drawing of a gnome eating a hot dog!! Seriously, you guys rule…

You snazzy bastard…

Hey everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a happy 2012. I hope it is an amazing year for all of you. Please remember to wear your top hats and ascots as much as possible, and have a safe, productive and positive year as we traipse blindfolded into this new year full of magic, mystery and corndogs.

Pocket Notes #1

I made a small run of an even smaller zine. (41 to be exact)
replica of Bloodbath, Jenking, Hardon. pocket notes vol. #1
 (for a sneak peak, scroll down a couple posts)
7 illustrations full color mini zine  approx 4in. X 3 in.
$2.00 ea. hit me up if you’d like one.
i have a paypal or you can send cash or check, I hope i get a check for 2 dollars, i probably won’t even cash it, it’ll probably end up on the fridge or in the next zine.

cat pajamas

Hey there! looking like it’s going to be a pretty busy month. I’m going to be showing artwork at four different venues at the same time during the month of december. here’s a list of what’s shaking down if your out and about and near any of these places.
Dec. 2 blonde grizzly is doing a nutcracker themed show for christmas gallery stroll that i’ll have a few pieces in.  6-9pm at 15 e. 400 s. slc, ut
Dec. 3 captain captain studios is having an open house from 6-10

825 s. 500 w. slc, ut.

Dec. 10 signed and numbered is hosting the christmas art adoption and fundraiser, should be a good time for all. 2320 s. West Temple slc, ut
 and finally, if anyone is going to be in chicago on Dec 2, i’ll be part of what sounds to be a pretty epic group artshow at the maxwell colette gallery called “text, drugs, and rock and roll.  908 N. Ashland Ave, chicago, IL.  
here’s a picture of the package of treats i made for the show in chicago. 
whew…. alright.. hope to see you at any or all of these!!!

pocket notes

I’ve been making these pocket notebooks, full of doodles, records of nonsense, and anything really. They’re super fun to make. I”m considering making some limited color zines out of them. samples from book #1

Outgoing mails

I’m a big fan of sending things out in the mail. Here’s a few packages and postcards that I’ve tossed in the post. Trust me, this is the tip of the iceberg to say the least…

Totally Rad.

 So this definitely made my day…
Not to long ago I sold my favorite skateboard deck to another toxic avenger fan in the UK. Shortly thereafter I received an email containing the awesome news that she had decided to get some of my artwork inked on her calves. Seriously so stoked and flattered right now. Hopefully they will give her the superhuman strength needed for smashing in the skulls of rival roller derby teams. If nothing else they will bring speed, good luck and hopefully turn a few heads.


Laverne, 1980 Yamaha XS400, belonged to my wife’s father a long time ago. It sat in their back yard rotting and enduring rain, snow, desert heat and everything else Utah weather could throw at it for ten years while it lay dormant. Finally her mom had decided to get rid of it and i offered to take it off her hands. She sold it to me for ten dollars. That was three years ago and it’s been one of those never ending projects since. I never learned how to fix cars or motorcycles growing up, but luckily i have some friends who are awesome at such things and helped me get it running.  This is the first year I’ve actually been able to enjoy the old bike and i figured it could use a paint job. Nothing ultra snazzy, but something special. Thanks Kay, I promise I’ve been wearing my helmet.


oh snap!

My friend billy craven made a small run of these mini posters from my shredding skull design and mailed me a stack of them as a gift. seriously such an awesome thing to come home and find this package sticking out of the mailbox.
thanks again billy.
Printed on French Paper. 100lb Cover. Speckletone. Starch White
Measures: 13in” x 9in”
video courtesy of billy c.

granary district

i’m super glad i was able to contribute a couple letters to this granary district collaborative mural. (it’s allllmost done..)  each person did one or two letters resulting in a lot of different styles in the mix, which is awesome. i’ll post another flick as soon as it’s completely done.


The LOANers.

So… This particular piece of wood came a long ways to make it into my basement to be painted. My wife and I were walking our dog down at our favorite old park near the freeway, that dips down and turns into a big gully with all sorts of awesome things to do in the park like look at old abandoned cars, go swimming, take a makeshift underground water slide under a major freeway, and scavenge random objects like this half of a broken billboard that I found and painted on featured below. I saw it on our way into the gully and thought it was pretty neat, but had decided it was much to far to carry this large and muddy piece of garbage back to the car. I left it behind and we went and played in the park for a while. On the way back we walked past it again. I think my wife knew what i was thinking because we both made this funny eye contact when we were coming up on it… naturally i started circling the broken sign like a vulture circles road kill, poking at it and testing the waters to see how heavy it was. it was heavy. but i managed to convince myself i could make it and ended up lugging this giant piece of wood uphill, out of the gully, on my back, for near a mile. (no shit) When we reached the car it wouldn’t fit in the back. luckily we had a rope so we threw it on top and tied it down (poorly i might add) and drove 15mph home, arms out the window holding on so it didn’t blow off. personally i think the story of getting it is pretty funny and i wanted to base the theme of the painting around the actual billboard itself which was once an advertisement for a bank -hence the clever pun… so i painted creatures that i’d consider real loners: the wolf man, bat boy, a mummy, and the creature from the black lagoon. all in all i’m glad i drug this beast out of the swamp, i’m pretty stoked on how it turned out.



ray ray is far to well rounded of an individual to be summed up in a single catch phrase, so in case you get bored ray-ray comes with five interchangeable descriptions for any occasion. and yes… he finally got a fancy new shirt for the party.


natural born scavenger

 the majority of the canvases i use to paint are from post consumer materials or randomly found objects, trash to treasure type deal i suppose. not that i’d call it treasure exactly, more like something from nothing. the only value objects have is the value humans place upon them. assigning value to garbage of my liking by giving it new form is almost like bringing something back from the dead, like these dumpster zombies. plus it’s like, good for the environment and stuff.


whew. what a month… thank you guys so much for coming down to the artshow and showing such an overwhelming amount of support. all of the positive feedback was incredibly inspiring, and a special thank you to those of you who picked up artwork. It was such a whirlwind of an evening I managed to forget to take any photos of the show. This has seriously been one of the busiest months of my life -so i’m going to sit on the couch and enjoy a cold brew while i finally post some flicks of new paintings. so here’s a couple -more soon

murden bowdock showdown

Since we had such a harsh and never ending winter this year, I ended up in my studio (a.k.a. the basement) working on a lot of new paintings. My friend Colt lined this show up and i’m pretty exited for it. There’s going to be all sorts of radness transpiring on this lucky evening, so if you have the means to get downtown i would highly recommend you come mingle. there will also be new works featured by legendary class acts andy pitts, chris pastras, and a few more super top secret mystery guests. should be good times all around.

cementbag bumpants

                              impromptu shredable garbage art
                                   crotch wallie = free skoal

sneak peek from the next blair witch project?


just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to craft sabbath to say hi, and especially those who picked up bottles. If you couldn’t make it down to pick one up I will be selling whats left at the brick and mortar show on friday the 13th of may along with a ton of other paintings and drawings. I’ll post more details about that show soon, but for now here are some pics from the event and bottles that were up for grabs today.

Bottle Dump

I locked myself in the basement this weekend with a box of wine and some good tunes in preparation for “craft sabbath” on may 1st.  I painted a ton of these bottles and I’d like to find them all good homes, so come to the SLC downtown library for the next craft sabbath and pick one up.
Also, word on the street has it that a spring show is underway, so hang tight – hang eight, and I’ll keep you posted with details asap.

getting radical

from long beach back to salt lake and 78 degrees back to 12. palm trees to pumpkins. bum taggers, ghost shredders, the grassy drink and a haunted coachman. some pics from the half frame soul stealer.


relish in the condiments

Ahoy there! I spent the last four days locked in a garage burning broken pieces of masonite and leftover 2×4’s trying to stay warm whilst (unwantingly) huffing paint fumes, drinking tall boys, and painting until I couldn’t see straight only to stop for the occasional batch of chocolate pancakes. Overall success in my book…


nipple monster.

So, we’ve all gotten drunk and done stupid things. Well, most of us… I know I am no exception to this statement. Fortunately I’m not talking about myself right now and am referring to my weirdo friends that live in San Francisco. It started with My friend Andy dropping something on his foot, loosing his big toenail and sending his big dead blackend ex-toenail to me in the mail. I shortly thereafter retorted via mail with an unmarked envelope full to the brim of four inch long thick and curly hair from which I had just shaved the gnarliest beard I’ve ever had thinking (wishfully) that this would be the end of the matter. Months passed, but I recently received a letter in the mail that I could tell just by looking at the shape of the envelope that something gruesome lurked inside. It did. From the story I’ve come to gather, my friend Mike, nicknamed “creepy” (I’m sure you’ll get the reference shortly) amidst some sort of drunken female body waxing party, decided and convinced his peers and roommates to wax his ungodly, and hairy man-nipples. Andy, being one of his roommates seized this opportunity to retaliate and sealed the unsightly remnants of creepy’s nipple hair in saran wrap, and send it my way. I fear a monster is being born… literally, and so featured below is what I received in the mail, and the present I made for them in return and mailed back in less than 24 hours..